MJ Hughes Construction is an equal employment opportunity employer. We have real opportunities open to people from all experience levels and backgrounds. We say the opportunities are real because we have not reached the pinnacle of our growth as many of our competitors have. This creates more than average opportunity for the people who want to work hard, grow professionally and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Read our culture page and if you see yourself fitting in within our culture please send your application / resume by email to jobs@mjhughes.com We always provide seven things to our employees 1. Transparent system to measure your performance and regular feedback on your performance 2. Effective and open communication channel 3. Monetary benefits directly related to your contribution to the companies bottom line 4. Opportunity to work with bright – talented – happy people, opportunity for advancement, opportunity for training 5. Work / Life balance – we know our industry is hard on people and families and do our best to take every opportunity to balance work / life demands 6. Safe work environment -everyone deserves to go home at the end of the shift 7. Respect, Appreciation, Recognition and traditional benefit package with profit sharing Because of the diversity of work performed at MJ Hughes and our consistent and planned growth we are always looking to bring in the best people we can find. We welcome people who live all over the pacific northwest so you don’t need to live close to one of our offices to qualify for employment – we believe that great people are too rare to pass up just because of geography. If you are interested in being part of a company where the sum of the pieces (people) is greater than the individual pieces than please print out the pdf application and fax, mail or email it into us. Finally know that each employee who cares about the success of the company and its projects is cared for in return.

  2021 Application