Project Description

This project involved two separate features of work spread out over two phases.

The first phase removed and replaced 200′ of a failing concrete chute and added several corrugated metal culverts to channel nearby spring water into the chute. The first phase provided several challenges, such as the tight right of way, remote location, cold weather concrete and earthwork, cofferdam, and dewatering adjacent to a wetland and diversion of flowing creek water. Every challenge was met and overcome with success. Heated blankets and tented enclosures with heat were required to combat the 0 degree Fahrenheit lows and below-freezing high temperatures encountered in the last weeks of the first phase.

The second phase improved several features around the spillway, including new steel ladders to access the spillway floor and the hoist house roof, electrical upgrades, repairs to the hoist deck concrete and the complete removal and replacement of the bridge over the spillway. Significant amounts of deteriorated concrete in the spillway walls and other areas were removed and replaced.

Project Team and Stats:

Owner: Bureau of Reclamation – Billings Montana Office
Location: Heeney, Colorado
Start Date: September 2011
Completion Date: July 2012

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