MJ Hughes relies on excellent subcontractors to help us provide competitive pricing, top quality workmanship, and schedule to our clients. As our name is only as good as the name of companies we do business with, MJ Hughes has very strict policies regarding the use of subcontractors. That being said, we encourage partnering where practical.

We want you to know that we will subcontract scope of work we are capable of doing ourselves in all cases when a qualified subcontractor provides a better price, while still offering the same workmanship and quality. So if you are interested in one of our projects, but fear we might use your number to check ourselves and do the work ourselves, that’s not the case. If you examine our project pages in this site you will find that we have on many occasions subcontracted earthwork and structure work that we were very capable of doing in house – but we subcontracted because a good subcontractor was able to do it for less than we could.