Project Description

Replacement of steel removable bulkheads in the McNary Juvenile Collection Channel with permanent precast concrete bulkheads.  Work included the design, fabrication, and installation of a temporary dewatering bulkhead to be mounted upstream of the work area to allow access.  The project included the removal of the existing steel trash deflectors and bulkheads; the installation of the new precast concrete bulkheads; grout, and cast-in-place concrete to secure the new precast bulkheads; and the installation of new metal grates along the tops of the bulkheads.

The existing steel bulkheads, trash deflectors, and bulkhead slots at the McNary Dam were coated with lead-based paint.  The paint was required to be removed from the bulkhead slot guides to cut the guides with torches.  MJ Hughes’ personnel performed the lead abatement work to remove the paint to accommodate the slot guide removal.  MJ Hughes Construction coordinated closely with the Army Corps of Engineers and our consultants to plan and perform the lead abatement activities, as well as the disposal of the lead-based materials.

The work schedule was tied to a strict in-water work window that closed on March 30, 2013.  Work was completed two weeks ahead of schedule and before the in-water work window closed.

Project Team and Stats:

Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers – Walla Walla District
Location: Umatilla, Oregon
Start Date: January 2013
Completion Date: March 2013

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