Project Description

This project removed an old wood stoplog spillway system and upgraded it to hydraulically controlled Obermeyer sluice gates. Major hydro-demo on the sloped spillway system was required to provide channels for the control lines, both horizontal and vertical. To access the demo and control installation areas, we had to build extensive heavy duty scaffolding. This scaffolding not only provided worker access but also the hydro-demo machine as well as a landing spot for the copious amounts of concrete deposits for removal. An added scope to the project was the construction of the control building and equipment. A major flooding event occurred during the final stages of this project which not only shut it down for a number of months but also caused extensive damage to the scaffolding.

Project Team and Stats

  • Location: Oregon City, OR
  • Start Date: July 2016
  • Completion Date: Weather Delay
  • Owner: Portland General Electric

Project Gallery