At MJ Hughes Construction, we create a culture in which safety is a core value. MJ Hughes’s safety program works because safety goals, expectations, and requirements are communicated clearly company-wide. Continuous safety improvement is essential to our culture and includes our partners and customers.

Company Safety Goals

  • Zero injuries
  • Drug-free workplace
  • Employee accountability with empowerment to identify and correct unsafe conditions

Safety Communication

  • Regular, all-inclusive employee safety training and meetings
  • Weekly Toolbox Safety presentations at each job site
  • Incident/injury reviews by the Safety Committee
  • On-site safety reference materials

Comprehensive Requirements

  • Our company safety manual includes written safety rules and responsibilities for each employee.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Hazard prevention and control by regular job hazard analysis
  • Emergency planning/preparation
  • Site-specific programs for hazard communication
  • Daily site safety inspections

MJ Hughes complies with all OSHA requirements and trains employees accordingly.  We keep detailed records of all inspections and injuries and review these records with a view to constant improvement. Fostering strong employee ownership in our safety program has increased employee awareness and resulted in an impeccable safety record.

Safety does not “happen”; it results from a dedicated, proactive approach by everyone at MJ Hughes.