” Our office would like to express our satisfaction with the staff and workmanship of MJ Hughes Construction….” Read entire letter


Ray Cranston
Oregon Department of Transportation



“I gotta say that I am impressed. The finished product I see on the Saginaw Overpass project is as good as anything I have ever seen from anybody.  What I see is a company that is absolutely committed to getting it right.”


Scott Nettleton
T-Y Lin International



“I was the field inspector for the Nisqually Railroad Trestle replacement project and worked with MJ Hughes Construction. This project was one of the most challenging I’ve encountered due to very poor access and a very confined workspace within an environmentally sensitive area.

MJ Hughes construction was more than up to tasks that required creative solutions to complex issues and were superb to work with. The finished product is a testament to their abilities and I hope I get the opportunity to work with them again.

I’d fully recommend MJ Hughes Construction as a top notch heavy civil projects contractor.”

Sean Antonson
City of Tacoma



“…Superintendents Jeff Ford and Melody Lantz’s professionalism, positive attitude, open communication channel, and partnering spirit were instrumental in making this a pleasant and successful experience for the project staff. It does not always go this smoothly with other contractors…”


Petr Lovasik
Oregon Department of Transportation