Project Description

The Buena Vista Ferry replacement project involved the largest cofferdams constructed by MJ Hughes. The Buena Vista Ferry crosses the Willamette River near Independence, Oregon. At this point on the Willamette River, it has picked up the Santiam River, The McKenzie River, and several other tributaries from as far south as Cottage Grove, Oregon so it’s big water with flows during the construction period of around 20,000 cubic feet per second. Following the cofferdam and landing ramp construction MJ Hughes subcontracted the concrete work out to Leajack Concrete and self-performed the structural steel erection, earthwork, and utilities. Structural steel involved towers that supported the overhead power cables and the anchor cables that the electric ferry uses to winch itself from one shoreline to the other.

Project Team and Stats:

Owner: Oregon Department of Transportation
Location: Independence, Oregon
Start Date: September 2010
Completion Date: March 2011

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