Project Description

ODOT – Bundle 312

This project replaced two bridges that served Southbound Interstate 5 traffic at mileposts 177 and 186. Additionally, it replaced the Saginaw Road overcrossing Interstate 5 at milepost 176. Traffic control was one of the many challenges successfully overcome by MJ Hughes. Other points of interest to the project were three 48″ drilled shafts approximately 120′ deep into Camas Swale and the overall sequence involved with the construction of the overpass structure.

This structure has post-tensioned girders, so falsework had to remain below the bridge until stressing of the beams, which could not occur until the deck and rails were complete, so essentially the last thing. The falsework had to fit around the shoring systems required to support the existing roadways and the falsework that supported the leaning tapered columns, so it was challenging to fit all these things under the bridge all the way to the end.

The columns are complex shapes getting wider and thicker as they rise and have recesses formed within them.

The project also included roughly 90,000 cubic yards of fill and the largest wetland mitigation project of the OTIA III program, in addition to multiple other earthwork and utility bid items, all of which were self-performed by MJ Hughes employees.

Project Team and Stats:

Owner: Oregon Department of Transportation
Location: Cottage Grove, Oregon
Start Date: May 2008
Completion Date: May 2010

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