Project Description

This contract involved the construction of 2 new bridges and the widening of 2 bridges for Prime Contractor Tapani Underground.

This contract also involves the installation of two Cofferdams on the East Camas Slough.

The existing bridge over the West Camas Slough is 1,050 feet long and comprises six spans. The existing concrete overhang and rail were removed and replaced with new 6’ overhangs and Massachusetts-style rail. This project also involved using Self Consolidating Concrete between the exterior girders to strengthen the new wider overhangs.

The new bridge over the East Camas Slough is 345 feet long and comprises 3 spans. Two piers were constructed in a three-month in-water window in the Camas Slough at the mouth of the Washougal River. These piers required four-sided sheet pile cofferdams set atop a layer of bedrock and utilized three levels of horizontal walers. The cofferdams were 25’x25’x26’ tall. MJ Hughes and its subcontractor excavated 500 cubic yards of silt from within these cofferdams and placed underwater concrete seals in the bottoms of the cells.

Project Team and Stats:

Owner: Washington State Department of Transportation
Location: Camas, Washington
Start Date: July 2011
Completion Date: May 2013

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